One of my unplanned and bodacious journeys that changed me upside down (definitely in a good way) was the trek to Triund. The memories of the journey are still afresh in my mind and heart and will always be.

Who likes to get rid of good memories after all!! Besides if you have made good friends on one of those trips, it even adds up to your assets.

In the Dhauladhar mountain range of Himalayas, lays a beautiful city full of mindboggling landscapes and eye-catching views. One can easily be dazed and mesmerized by looking at the panoramic views in the city of Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. It is surrounded by the mountain range of Dhauladhar and has numerous waterfalls at places.

Hill stations and mountains are one of my preferred destinations whenever I plan to go somewhere. It’s not like I don’t like to go to other places. Other places are equally amazing and captivating for me. But the thing is you have to start from somewhere. Even my first trip was to a hill station only (I’ll talk about that in some other article later). I’m an organic person. I feel connected to the mountains, the sea, and the beauty of nature at such places. It’s like I can listen to the whisperings of the Alps, the sound of blowing wind acts as music to my ears and soothes me. They say “Mountains call you back” and I feel that’s one hundred percent true. I love to explore. To go to places that are unexplored and untouched by majority have always been my thing. You get to meet different people from different parts of the world, befriend them and much more. The diverse kind of people you meet up on such trips add to the beauty of the journey and make it even more memorable for you to forget.

(Okay, enough with my personal feelings now. Let’s talk about the experiences of the Triund trek.

Oh! I digress a lot…)

So, I reached the Mcleodganj bus stop at about 7 am. I trekked my way to the Shiv Shakti guesthouse in Dharamkot that is about a kilometer from the bus stop. (I went through Adventure Nation travelling agency, but there are other ways too or you can even go by yourself; it’s totally your choice. But the pros of going through such travel agencies are that they manage everything for you. You do not have to worry about anything). Gulaab ji was the in charge of the Him trek adventure there. He managed everything from providing us a room to stay there, the breakfast, the guide for the trek, the tent and the sleeping bags that we’ll be requiring after reaching the top, the food and basic amenities at the top and everything else. Well, I’ll have to say that he managed everything quite well. Me and a bunch of people along with a guide started our trek at around 11-ish. So yes, our group included a group of friends from Gwalior who were studying architecture, a triplet of working friends from Ghaziabad, a happy go lucky couple from Hyderabad and the guide (and me, of course).

We trekked for around an hour and reached the place where there were registrations happening to go to the top. They were basically collecting the basic contact information of people so as to keep the record, in case somebody goes missing. We did the required and moved ahead.

We saw innumerable dazzling landscapes on the way. After sometime, it started drizzling; but we continued the trek. It was fun trekking in rains. But then it started raining heavily, so we had to stop. We covered our heads under the shade of the huge boulders that acted as our roof to protect us from the rain. We were sitting there chit chatting with each other, taking photographs, eating refreshments, when I saw a rainbow emerging from behind the clouds. Oh, believe me, what I was seeing through my eyes that time cannot be explained in words as beautifully as it actually was. I immediately took my camera out and started taking some shots. All of a sudden I noticed two more (slightly less visible, but visible enough to be seen through naked eyes) rainbows in a line. It was so mesmerizing and breathtaking for all of us. After gazing at the view for few minutes and clicking few pictures, we headed towards the top.

It was not until 5 pm that we reached Triund. All of us were as tired as an old worn out shoe by now. But the astonishing and shattering views of the mountains and the clouds took all our exhaustion away.

I just sat there alone looking at this beauty and cherishing it with my whole heart. For a moment, I felt like this is it! It was so calm, so serene and captivating that I did not want my eyes to blink. I wanted to store it all in the palace of my mind so as not to forget it ever. The sky was so blue and equally orange, as if it was looking as the visual roar of the sky to reach out to us. The clouds has hidden the sun in such a manner that it was looking like a full moon peeping through the clouds as if it wanted to play hide and seek with the people down on earth. The clouds were touching the ground. Then I heard someone calling out my name. It was one of the guys who were trekking with us. The snacks were ready now and I was as starved. So I immediately went. Everything was so mesmerizing there that it took my breath away for a moment.

We had snacks and tea. I am not a very big fan of tea but it was quite cold there, so I had the tea too. (Yes, do carry your woolens with you, if you are planning to go there even in summers. It gets frosty at night.)

It was getting dark now. The guide prepared for our tents while we all were having a little chill out session here. The night turned in and we could see the sky glimmering with countless stars. The sky was so clear and pretty. The guide after preparing our tents and food asked us for the dinner. We had dinner and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up at around 7. Almost everyone else was awake by then. All of us had the breakfast, cherished the last moments at a place as wonderful as this and started our trek back home.

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