My feet are in the air and my arms stretched out.

I am going straight down the bridge; I’ve closed my eyes, but why?

And then a sudden jerk catapults my body upside down,

As my eyes opened wide.

My whole body is inverted now,

Moving with a velocity slightly higher than before,

As I realise,

That both my feet are tied together,

to a harnessed rope

And the rope goes up somewhere.

I cannot see it,

I cannot see the rope.

I could have snapped my neck,

I jumped wrong.

I bob my head.

I can see the whole world below,

It is a vale

And I’m falling straight down.

I then lift my head

And there’s a big mountainous wall in the front,

Bombarded with trees

and plants with little wild yellow flowers.

The sun made half the mountain look bright, and

The other half, shadowed and dark.

I can see the blue of the sea
from the sides of my eyes to the left.

I am Bungeeing.

My body is floating in the air.

Around me, is just silence,

Utter quiet.

I cannot hear any voices from the bridge above.

All I can wonder is I love myself,

When my upper body fluttered like a wave, from the waist

And then started rotating around the axis of the rope.

The hairband in my hair untied itself

and fell below in the deep.

I was turning round and round

And springing up and down.

It happened for around three more times

And every time my body went up,

The rope swung,

And made it waver.

And then it came to a stop,

At the rope’s full length.

It only oscillated in a to and fro direction now.

I am still upside down,

Hanging with a rope.

I felt weightless a while ago,

But now…

I can feel all the weight of my body in me,

My blood flowing in reverse,

And a little fright.

Quietude…I am as still as the world around me.

When a thought punctuates the mood,

The thought is,

that there is no thought at all.

Just like the world around,

My mind is quiet too.

It is at Peace.

But my heart’s exhilarated.

It is feeling the extremes of the Emotions.

Ecstatic, Euphoric and Feisty.

I have decided that I want to stay here,

In this Inverted Reality.

When I feel the touch of a hand on my feet,

It is a man, sent from the world above,

To take me back.

He is pushing my legs down,

In order to direct my body upwards.

I know I have to go back with him,

But Only if I could stay.

I came back into our world with supreme gusto and exuberance. I had just jumped the World’s Highest Commercial Bungee Bridge in the World at Bloukrans Bungee Bridge in South Africa, from the height of 216m and I am hitherto prepared to do it all over again. I know I have done something that most of the people I know would never even dream of doing.

Want to see me Bungee Jumping? Here you go…


  1. Oh my, you are brave. My salutes.
    And then, the way you described the jump, it’s simply great, priceless.
    The beautiful way the hair fell, unravelling the serenity of the free fall. And your emotions beautifully seeking asylum in self love, wanting to make you stay there in peace.
    Just wonderful and remarkably super performance and equally good presentation

    1. Thank you very much…it’s extremely delightful to know that others can relate with my writing and emotions.. I really appreciate it:D
      Moments like these makes you realise the importance of life, leaving you in awe…and making others feel that is the best feeling in the world 😀

  2. I love the way, you have put your experience in words… I have experienced this when I had my first couple of experiences with Parasailing and then snorkeling… it’s just exhilarating..

    1. Thank you very much Deepika…I’m delighted to hear that you were able to relate with it…it means a lot:D

  3. Its just amazing 😍❤even the thought of it give me goosebumps 😁u r so lucky that u got an opportunity to get such a thrilling experience 😍i would love to do it with u once ❤😃

    1. Thank you so much Pragya..I’m really glad you liked it and that my post was able to make you feel something about the wonderful experience❤️

    1. Hi Deepak..welcome to my blog…I’m glad you liked it…stay tuned and I promise I’ll keep coming up with great content and ideas for your future travels:)

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