In the last post about Cheetah Outreach, I talked about my love for animals and the wild. About how Africa gave me everything I expected of it and much more… And just 3 days later, I got the opportunity to have a close encounter with the African Wildlife. I instantly knew that this was my chance to be able to click pictures like those Wildlife Photographers that I always dream of becoming. Maybe I will, one day! Or maybe not… But what is intriguing is that getting so close with the wild in it’s natural habitat made me realise how much is there in this world that we are missing on. So much to see and learn, and of course, to love. <3

“If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love.”
                                                  -Steve Irwin

Two zebras eating the grass

A Hippopotamus staring

An Elephant behind the shrubs

An Ostrich in the wild

A Giraffe looking at you

A Thinking Lion

A Waterbuck staring

A herd of deer

An antler's llok

Two Rhinos in the lake

There are many more Game Reserves and National Parks in Africa to give you a peek into the wildlife. Bottlierskop private Game Reserve was the one I chose to go to. And it left me in wonder.

Bottlierskop Game Reserve

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  1. With a Traveler You are really amazing photographer… Shradha Ji. And your Pictures always push me to go on Outing or plane a trip.🤘

    1. It was an absolute treat to the eyes… Moreover it gave me a different perspective towards the wild…Seeing them in their natural habitat felt like I was invited to their home, I was an outsider there…And all these cruelties committed by humans towards them appeared like a haze in front of my eyes!

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