Browsing through the Internet yesterday, I stumbled on an article about Cape fur seals. And the entire recollection of my day at Hout Bay’s Duiker Island flashbacked in front of my eyes.

It was an alluring sight. From the boat far away it seemed like the whole island was moving; as the brown seals camouflaged with the huge island boulders. With thousands of Cape fur seals and the backdrop of Sentinel mountain, it seemed like a picture-perfect destination.

I am a fashion graduate and over a period of time I have developed sustainable fashion aesthetics apart from the sporty and athletic vibes. And when I read about how seal furs are widely used in the fashion industry worldwide, it made me question the so-called humanity that we humans are known to possess. I learnt that Cape fur seals are at least protected in South Africa under Seals Protection Act 1973, but it’s neighbouring country Namibia is still one of the biggest exporter of seal pelts.

#SayNoToAnimalFur #UseFauxFurInstead

Quite disheartening…isn’t it?

And the sole reason for this happening is human want. Only if there was a STOP button in the godown of human want!

If not, there are better alternatives of getting close with them instead of killing them for selfish motives…And they are more adventurous, sustainable and animal friendly. Like SNORKELING with the seals <3

Animal Ocean and some other organisations offer the opportunity to snorkel with the seals, that I couldn’t do due to lack of time. But I’ve heard wonderful reviews about it and wouldn’t it be amazing to swim with these playful underwater creatures?

Looking back at the memories of my time in South Africa I realised, that I’ve actually experienced a whole lot of it in just 5 days that a lot of people don’t even get to experience in months. The one thing I’m very sure of is that it has given me the motherly perspective towards the wildlife that I came across with in this beautiful country. And I would love to come back here again. And again…

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  1. Your posts amaze me…every time I get a notification of your blog, I urge to open it immediately… it’s a good piece…I’d love to share it… 🙂 🙂

  2. Thanks to first of sharddha mam
    Well doing work like as a save the animal this is a NYS work for animal like as a seal and cheetahs

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