If I were to say that travelling has changed my life, I wouldn’t be completely right. And that is because what I would be saying will only be partially true. Travelling hadn’t just changed my life, it has made me who I am. I am me because I travel. It has defined my life, given me a purpose and has made me a better person.

I often look at people around me and wonder. I look at them doing things I myself would never even imagine doing. And I still look at them. Sometimes I see monsters committing vicious acts against nature, against life: animals and humans alike. Sometimes I see people who are too busy in their lives that they hardly have time to pause and perceive what is going around them. Other times I see poverty-stricken, knowledge-deprived mortals whose entire lives have been nothing but a tormenting journey. I see youth frustrated, unsatisfied and unaware. I stop and look at all those people and more; and wonder how could they not care. How could they not care about making things right. How could they not care about the Climate Change. How could they not care about things that are happening in the other side of the world, things they are not remotely related to and things they probably do not even know about.

How Travel Changed Me…

I do not clearly remember what my life was truly like before I began travelling. What I was like. Somehow the lines between what I used to be and what I am, have been merged. But what I distinctly remember about that time is that I definitely didn’t care either. I didn’t give a damn about people living in far off lands, people who I would probably never even meet. My life and my dreams were way too important for me. My dreams about travelling the world. My dreams about exploring unknown places and trying out new and crazy things. I had always been an adventurous and curious soul, I admit. But there was a time when I cared zilch about climate change. To hell with it, I didn’t even know what it could do to me or anyone for that matter. I just had the basic knowledge about Global Warming and that we are going to face extreme climates as time passes by. I, at that time, did not want anything to do with diminishing poverty, save the planet or change the world. These things were too big for a small town girl like me and way less significant.

And then TRAVEL happened to me.

Travel with me…

As very well quoted by a famous traveller of ancient times Ibn-e-Batuta,

‘Travelling- It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.’

These powerful words were suddenly beginning to make sense to me. I realised I myself was turning into a story-teller. And not just a story-teller, I was in fact writing my own stories.

What travel does for you is very similar to what a mother does for her children. It trains you to be strong. It makes you brave and independent. It helps you break the barriers. It teaches you compassion. It makes you feel personal… not just about yourself, but also about the places you’ve been to and the people you’ve met. You start to feel a connection with them. As if they’re a part of your one BIG FAMILY.

And wouldn’t you defend your family if someone talks ill of them or if someone tries to hurt them?

Of course you would.

That’s what I do. I defend my family.

Travel expands your boundaries from just being an Indian, American, Asian, Chinese, Black, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc. to a more international level: A GLOBAL CITIZEN.

A Global Citizen

In the beginning, I travelled because I didn’t care! 

Then as I travelled, I started to care. 

And now I travel because I care. 

And I care because I travel.

-Shradha Agarwal

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    1. Thank you so much Kurian 😀
      I’m glad you like it 🙂
      PS. its me: the admin Shradha…there’s something wrong with the blog that it shows my comments as anonymous 😛

  1. Your words are so warm and powerful and I can really understand when you say “how could they not care”. Sometimes it can be hard to believe and gradually accept that there are people living in this world irresponsibly. I’m so excited that you can speak your confusion and puzzlement out. Love u girl! TAKE CARE and CHEER UP~

    1. Thank you Chang 😀
      You are amazing and a part of my family that I talked about in the blog above <3
      I'm so glad I met you… Love you loads <3
      P.S. Someday when I'll learn Chinese, I hope to read what you are writing too 😀

  2. Shradha ji You Are really an amazing Traveler, Bcz i ever seen You love and respect The Nature. Which always attracts me to travel.. And i want to travel like You.
    #you are Idle for Me Shradha Ji🤘

    1. Thank you so much NB Piano Tutor… I am glad I can make you feel that way 😀
      Yes.. Nature is incredible <3

  3. What a beautifully written blog on travel, your experiences will inspire so many people and travel has so much meaning to it and you have interpreted it really well.

  4. Its Awsome Shraddha, I can feel your emotions that life is just not about Jobs , achievements and fun ……. we should know the actual definition of travelling that how nature is important for all of us. I hope many people like me will get motivated and educated from your experience. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Travelling 🧳 is love 💕

    1. Thank you so much Anuj 😀
      I am glad you were able to relate to it and understand the meaning behind it.. this means a lot 😀
      Really appreciate it 🙂

  5. Your experience and your work makes you a beautiful storyteller Shraddha. Keep traveling and stay safe

  6. I couldn’t even imagine definition of travel like this if I have to describe traveling I would say it’s all about fun.. Despite being independent I don’t go for travel .. Shraddha you have proved that who live their journey only the person can explain the beauty of travel… Such a beautiful explanation of “TRAVEL “.

    1. Thank you so much Khushbu… Yes, travelling is not just a leisure activity, it is so much more than that!
      People often underestimate the perks of travelling… I wish everyone could travel and learn from their experiences .. Travelling responsibly is crucial though <3

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