Semester at Sea is an extraordinary voyage that takes nearly 650 voyagers from all over the world on a floating vessel MV World Odyssey and covers a journey of more than 25,000 nautical miles going all around the earth.

Fall’17 Voyage had me sailed to 10 different countries in four different continents with 665 voyagers onboard. We crossed the International date line, lived December 12 twice and lived 366 days in 2017; but with no more than the exact number of hours that anyone else lived. The voyage embarked from Bremerhaven, Germany and disembarked in San Diego, California travelling across Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean.


One of the many things that is romantically unique about Semester at Sea is that when we were in the middle of the ocean surrounded with infinity and water; the sunsets and the sunrises that we witnessed were unshared by other humans on the earth. It was as if the God is creating masterpieces just for the few aboard World Odyssey.



During SAS, I was living my dream. I saw the wonderful opportunity to travel the world and learn from its citizens; and I took it.

As I journeyed along I went to dozens of World Heritage sites, saw a World Wonder, went to the cocoa farms in Ghana, strolled through the floating markets in Mekong Delta, fed a Giant Panda in China and crossed many other items off my bucket list. None can deny that life on the Ship was SPECIAL. I am now a few of those people who get to have such dreamlike experiences. And how arrogant would I be if I just keep it to me. As they say that ‘Happiness is only real when shared’ and I would love to share mine with you.

Would you Join me in my Adventures?

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