What you seek is seeking you.


You must be wondering that where did I apply for these scholarships. Well, I went to SAS as a postgraduate diploma student. And as a student from an Indian University, I was eligible for 7 of the many scholarships available on SAS website. These scholarships varied enormously from categories to finances. For example, the Alumni Support Scholarship helped me with 500USD where the Need based scholarship bagged 7000USD for me. But I was still short of a few thousand dollars. I was upset but more desperate. I started a crowdfunding account through one of the free online fundraising websites in India, YouCaring; and earned a few 100 dollars. I freelanced as a writer, traveled, approached, went to conferences and surfed over a hundred websites online looking for ways to earn more. But due to the recent demonetisation and hence unstable economy of India, earning a few thousand dollars in such a short span of time was near to impossible. 

"This is your world
You're the creator
Find freedom on this canvas
Believe, that you can do it,
'Cuz you can do it.
You can do it."
-Bob Ross

All the constant striving went in vain and I ultimately had to mail the Admission counsellor that I was unable to arrange necessary funds and hence I will have to withdraw my application. It wasn’t an easy mail to do. Every part of my body and heart was telling me not to do it, but it wasn’t a choice. In less than two hours of mailing them, I got a reply, the one that made me smile the very instant I saw it, a ray of hope. The mail said that another scholarship of 3000USD has become available and that they would be more than happy to offer it to me if that will make it possible for me to sail. As they believe in people and making their dreams come true. Also, they would be able to downgrade my cabin from the Classic to the economy, and that reduced the voyage fee considerably by 3500USD. This was a silver lining for me. And I started to dream again… of the sea all around, of the unknown and luminous future I may have. As I only needed 3000USD more to be able to sail.

And fortunately, I was able to convince my parents to loan me the amount thus required and I was all ready to sail. All I had to do now was 6 visas in my passport and then spend the rest of my time preparing for the voyage.

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