I’m available for collaboration and advertising in the travel industry. I’m always interested to explore new places and experience adventures to share them with my readers. I look forward to publish exciting stories from the road, reviews of the places I stayed in and share stunning images from the destinations itself.

Every post on my Travel Blog www.thecagedexplorer.com & my Social Media channels, especially Instagram is crafted from personal experiences and tries to bring out the essence of travel. I hope to inspire people to Travel more and follow their dreams. As Travel can be life-changing.

You can have a look at the kind of services I offer below:


With the ever-increasing travel & tourism activities in the past few years, every other person seems to have become a travel blogger or so it seems. But Travel writing is not just that. It demands hard work and dedication and knowledge about the latest and revolutionary travel ideas. As COVID-19 has struck the Tourism Industry the worst, it might take some time to bounce back as before. But when it does, people will be waiting to explore new places like never before. And now more than ever is the time to bombard them with such ideas.

If you are looking to craft quality and SEO optimised content that demands a genuine human touch and a personal tone to it, I’d be happy to work with you.


Having worked in the Bollywood Film Industry for over 2 years now, I have gained ample skills for leading direction and filmmaking projects that will amaze the audience.

I love to make short-films and documentaries about places and people that are unexplored and unheard of. These stories that inspire people to break their bubble, go out of their comfort zones and travel more.

Assemble a bunch of stock footages in a way to tell a compelling story that people don’t just want to hear but get inspired from. That is what I love about Filmmaking.

So if you have a story that is worth telling, Why WAIT?

I can help promote it in a visually appealing manner through my films. You can check my videos and films on my Youtube Channel.

If you’re interested in professional videos or stock videos, we can offer anything from cinematic shots to drone videos, include all the editing, final cuts.

Prices are negotiable.


I’m someone with a big passion for photography and an even bigger comprehension and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The majority of the images on this blog are taken by me. You can check out more of my Photography on Instagram. I love to explore my limits when it comes to technology and gadgets, regularly learning some new technique that stands out in the crowd.

If you like my stuff, I’d like to work for you and present your business in the best light.


The world is changing. Corona Virus is the proof that many unprecedented and unexpected life threatening diseases and viruses are thriving in the places you’d never imagine. Increasing sea-levels, extreme weather events, heat waves and many other occurrences that may be far from a common man’s understanding are still happening in different corners of the world. And therefore, whether we know it or not, like it or not, these dreadful things/events will keep happening and keep changing the way we live life.

Having travelled to so many places around the world at least makes you aware that life isn’t as simple. And these things need to be noticed. People need to be aware of it, because with awareness comes action. My own blogs always revolve around the idea of sustainable travel and climate awareness.

I also collaborate with sustainable travel initiatives to help create awareness about their products using my blog and social media. I also help them build a practical digital marketing strategy.


I’m open to discussing exciting collaboration opportunities from tourism boards, travel companies and experiential accommodations, as well as speaking and consulting engagements.

As a professional blogger, I charge a blogging fee to compensate for my time and effort. I’m available to work with you to build a new campaign or join an existing one.


For all advertising and PR inquiries please contact me below, I’ll get back to you asap. Thank you.

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